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This Vanity in Millersville Regained All Its Beauty Thanks to Our Stone Polishing Experts

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March 28, 2024

Our specialists recently helped a homeowner with the vanity in her master bathroom. Made of Emperor marble, the flat surface had taken a lot of damage, half of it without the homeowner's notice. In her attempts to make the surface smoother, she unknowingly subjected the marble to generic cleaners which, in turn, ruined the finish after a couple of weeks.

Marble Vanity Top Before and After a Stone Polishing in Millersville
The etch marks that the homeowner had been trying to remove became all the more visible, and the marble was severely discolored around the sink. The vanity's appearance could be discouraging, but the homeowner knew that she could trust our stone polishing services in Millersville. She'd heard about Sir Grout Annapolis from her neighbors and even saw the results of our service on her friend's living room floor. Contacting our specialists was the obvious course of action after her own efforts failed to deliver the expected results.

So, the homeowner went online to schedule an appointment via our website, securing a visit for the very next day. Our techs were at her doorstep bright and early to conduct an in-home evaluation on the vanity top.

It soon became obvious that the marble surface had been exposed to chemical cleaners. This is to be expected when many brands claim to be effective on delicate stone surfaces, often causing serious damage without removing all the stains. The marble's deep brown color looked duller, and this was only worsened by dozens of marks left by soap and cosmetic products.

The homeowner was distressed after learning about the side effects of generic cleaners but our techs reassured her that they could restore the marble's smooth finish. They went over each step of their restoration process and promised that none of the marks on the stone could match Sir Grout's professional equipment. By the end of the appointment, the homeowner had scheduled a new appointment and she felt much more confident about her chances to get the vanity to its former beauty.

Our experts returned to her house two days later for the restoration. The first step was preparing the surface, so they removed all the old stains with the help of a stone-safe cleaner. Our product's cleaning power ensures that no stains remain on a stone surface because it helps to get embedded dirt off the pores in minutes, simplifying the job of cleaning large surfaces like vanities and floors.

To remove the etch marks and other signs of damage, our techs went on to hone the marble with three sets of diamond pads. They ran the pads several times and adjusted the level of grit as they saw the marks fading from the surface. When the stone had taken a nice matte finish, our specialists applied high-end polishing powders to bring back the marble's natural sheen.

At this point, the vanity had regained all its vibrancy our techs only needed to seal the surface. They used a special stone sealant to preserve the grain against external elements, including liquids and scratches that would normally leave a lasting mark. After wiping the residue from the vanity, our experts invited the client into the bathroom to check the result.

She was delighted by the vanity's new look. The Emperor marble had the most gorgeous shine and the details on the stone looked amazing under the room's light. The homeowner thanked our team for their assistance and promised to praise our services to all her friends and family in Millersville.

Our techs were ready to leave the house after putting away their equipment but they took a moment to share some additional cleaning pointers. Since traditional cleaners had caused so much damage to the vanity in the past, our experts started by introducing the best alternative to clean natural stone surfaces. PH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the best option to optimize a household's cleaning program. They remove stains more effectively while also eliminating all the risks you'd expect from most of the formulas on the market. With our cleaner, there's no risk of discoloration, and marble surfaces can retain their smoothness without enduring harsh treatment. The lack of chemical ingredients also helps preserve the sealant's stone protection for much longer and homeowners don't have to expose themselves and others to toxic fumes. Our product improves regular cleaning on all ends.

The right cleaning tools are also essential to minimize instances of scratching. A steel wool, for instance, is likely to leave marks on the surface, even when you don't put too much pressure on your scrubbing. It's safer to use a towel or a terry cloth to wipe spills, pools of water, or any other errant stain. Our crew ended the appointment with a general reminder to look into the room's ventilation system. If the master bathroom isn't getting enough fresh air, homeowners should open the windows nearby to improve the ventilation in that part of the house.

The experts at Sir Grout Annapolis are ready to impress you with the most thorough restoration services. We know how to protect stone surfaces without compromising their natural beauty, and the results speak for themselves. You can always come to us if you want to restore the shine of your marble vanity. Just call (443) 775-8000 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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