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A Shower in Annapolis Looks Gorgeous Thanks to Our Grout Cleaning Experts

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January 30, 2024

We all understand the discomfort of stepping into a dirty shower. On top of having to see his soiled shower stall every day, a homeowner in Annapolis was also dealing with the frustration of lacking the means to solve the problem on his own. He'd tried combining different cleaners to no avail and could only see the grout lines growing darker by the day. When he saw the first cracks on the floor seams, he knew that he needed to change tactics.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Annapolis
The homeowner went online looking for restoration companies in the area and Sir Grout Annapolis caught his attention right away. He recalled hearing great things from his neighbors, so he was curious about our Annapolis grout cleaning service. The homeowner went through everything, from online reviews to our picture gallery. Then, he saw the option to schedule an in-home evaluation and didn't think twice before contacting our crew.

On the appointed date, our specialists were at his doorstep, and they began inspecting the shower as soon as they were led into the bathroom. Most of the grout lines were covered in mold and large stains ran across the length of the walls. Nothing kept soap scum from leaving marks on the tiles, and the shower stall looked lifeless and neglected. In addition, lots of water had seeped into the seams after the sealant started to fade, resulting in large cracks that could eventually pose a danger to the shower's structural stability. In short, there were many problems to address and Sir Grout's restoration package had a solution for all of them. Our techs went over the process with the client and answered all his questions. At the end of the visit, the client had scheduled a new appointment with our team.

Shower Walls and Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Annapolis
So, our techs returned a few days later for the restoration. First, they used a surface-safe cleaner on the shower, soaking each wall and the floor. They made sure to spread our product across the entire surface before scrubbing off the dirt. Our product has an instant effect on most common stains, including the dirt that gets stuck between the tiles. This way, our crew removed old marks and thick layers of mold in minutes. Then, they steam cleaned the shower area and got ready to work on the grout.

They applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines and recolored them to the client's specifications. On top of being available in multiple colors, Sir Grout's flagship ColorSeal provides long-lasting protection against external elements, including water, grime, mold, soap scum, and more. After working on the grout on the wall, our specialists made repairs on the joints, replacing the loose caulk with water-resistant epoxy grout. This would enhance the shower's durability to prevent cracks and structural damage in the future.

The result was a beautiful shower that glowed from top to bottom. All the grout lines looked as good as new, and there was no way to tell that the grout had ever been stained in the first place. The client was amazed and he made sure to express his gratitude, promising to recommend our restoration services to everyone he knew.

Our techs got ready to leave the client's home but they have some additional tips to share before ending the appointment. As they told the client, pH-neutral cleaners are the best way to keep a clean shower and sidestep problems like discoloration and damage to the seams. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner sets the standard when it comes to effective cleaning formulas because it removes dirt and efflorescence on its own. You only need the right tools to wipe out the residue, but there's no need to mix our product with acidic solutions or other store-bought cleaners. In other words, homeowners can eliminate almost any stain without exposing tile and grout surfaces to toxic ingredients. A towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee is enough to scrap the dirt after letting our product sit on the surface for a couple of minutes. Still, our techs gave the client a general reminder to remove any traces of soap or stale water before the liquid has time to dwell on shower surfaces; this will make it easier to remove the marks from the floor and the walls.

A dry setting also helps prevent new stains because there are few instances of mold and mildew. Our crew recommended opening the windows and doors to improve the ventilation around the most isolated parts of the house.

Contact Sir Grout Annapolis and discover the ultimate solution to restore a soiled shower surface. If you're getting used to getting lackluster results after routine maintenance, our specialists put their expertise at your disposal to bring a long-lasting improvement. You can count on us and the result will amaze you. Just call (443) 775-8000 or schedule a free quote online to ask for an in-home evaluation. Also, subscribe to our newsletter if you don't want to miss our latest promotions and updates.
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